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Re: ks.cfg on the cdrom...

James Oden wrote:
Hi All,

I have been successfully placing a kick start config file on the cdrom such that you can type:

linux ks

So my three questions are:

a) Can you tell anaconda to get its kickstart file from a disk
image that must be mounted as a loop back? If so how?
b) Can you place your kickstart file in a cdrom directory and expect the cdrom to be mounted at /mnt/source before anaconda tries to find the kickstart file (thus could you
use something like: ks=file:/mnt/source/ks.cfg
c) What source file controls the parsing of the ks parameter
and obtaining the kickstart config?



Just put the ks.cfg file anywhere on the CD. Mine are located in kickstart/. In my syslinux.cfg file I have entries such as this:

append ks=cdrom:/kickstart/ks.cfg initrd=...

With RHL 7.2 and previous releases, you had to fix the loader in the boot.img file for this to work. It now works with no patches (Thank you Red Hat engineers).



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