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[RH8] User Input during %post

Greetings List.

I'm using an extend set of `dialog` commands in my %post section, to notify
the user as to what exactly is happening. I found dialog to be quite a bit
more aestethicly pleasing then simple echo's, plus, as an added bonus, it
can also ask for user input. This, however, proved to be quite a bit harder.

In the beginning of my %post, I set the default dialog screen, and do a
``chvt 3'' to change to the correct terminal. everything displays there just
fine, and all the usual dialogs(infoboxes, percentages, etc), all work fine.
Yet when I use an ``inputbox'', which requires the user to type in something
and hit enter, nothing happens. Instead, the user needs to switch to the 1st
console(alt+f1), which is apparantly where Kickstart expects its input.

Is there an easy way to capture user input in a %post script? I tried
redirecting the entire script's output to /dev/tty1 (It's a seperately run
post.sh script/file), but that didn't work that well either. ANyone else
ever used dialog, or similar tools, to capture user input?

Thanks in advance, Cipri.

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