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Re: NVidia nforce ethetnet


I somehow managed to get this working.

I had problem when nvnet.o was loaded. System complained about wrong name
(or something). So I used the command "objcopy" to rename the symbols in
nvnet.o. I used 3c59x.o to determine what the symbols in nvnet.o should be
named to. After that i put the new nvnet.o in modules.cgz (don't know if
that is of any importance, but I removed all the other network drivers)
and somehow kickstart worked (after some keyboard inputs). However, after
kickstart one has to put in the nvnet-driver again (I used a floppy since
I was only doing this for five nodes - but I don't think it is too
difficult to come up with something more clever).

Hope this helps,


> Hi,
> I need to do a network kickstart of a bunch of machines which have the
> nvidia nforce ether chipset on the motherboard
> I have donwloaded the relevant source RPM from Nvidia, and built the
> driver module on a system with the 2.4.20-8BOOT rpm installed, specifing
> 2.4.20-8BOOT as the target kernel. [I have also tried building the
> module with 2.4.20-8BOOT being the running kernel]
> I have updated the drvnet floppy adding the new driver module into
> modules.cgz as per information supplied on this list.
> However, when trying to start the kickstart process, the module fails to
> load, as it claims the module has been been built for a 2.4.20-8 kernel
> rather than 2.4.20-8BOOT.
> Does anyone have any idea on how I can proceed?
> Thanks,
> Aidan Loyns
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