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Re: redirect Kickstart %post output to serial console/port

We have done this, and it seems to work fine.  Just redirect your echos to
/dev/ttyS0 (or whatever device it is on).
Note, you do run a chance of mangling the device for libnewt, which is
jused by the snack library which is used
by anaconda, but from our experience its not a big deal at this stage of
the game.

If you wanted to make this safe for newt, you would need to patch the
anaconda to make a call
to newtSuspend(); before calling a %post script, and a call to
newtResume(); after the script returns.
Now those are the c library calls, and probably snack (the python binding
to libnewt) should have these
exposed (though I don't know that).

It would be a pretty minimal patch.  Probably worthy of bugzilla.


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I've been searching the archives in an attempt to determine if it is
possible to echo/print out information to the serial console/port during
the installs %post section?

I've seen information regarding chvt but as we do all of our installs
via a serial connection it has little value to me at this point.  I'd
like to be able to have something display to the serial port connection
(cyclades FWIW) during the %post section as we do a lot of
customizations during the install and to some it seems as if the install
has hung.


Marc Mondragon

Fox River Financial Resources/Ritchie Capital Investments, Ltd.
2100 Enterprise Avenue
Geneva, IL  60134
marcmo foxriver com

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