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usage of ramdisk in redhat install

I have a network install CD for a company where I work. 
On which I give users the option to

1) Boot partition magic (its licensed)
2) install linux

Now I do not want to work with a floppy just a CD.
I have preset ks.cfg(s) files on the cd, the install linux menu
allows you to select which one, you require.
The CD boots and partition magic works, so does the linux install.
But what I want to do is auto-generate a ks.cfg based on certain 
options the user can select from the menu. This I can store in a ramdisk
that I have created in dos. 
Since my kickstart install is started using loadlin, the ramdisk
information I imagine is still there(unless booting the kernel wipes it,
any parameters I can use?). I am wondering if anyone knows how I can
access it or pass it onto my kickstart install as a ks.cfg to linux.  


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