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Re: usage of ramdisk in redhat install

On Sun, 24 Aug 2003, trax wrote:

> I have a network install CD for a company where I work. 
> On which I give users the option to
> 1) Boot partition magic (its licensed)
> 2) install linux
> Now I do not want to work with a floppy just a CD.
> I have preset ks.cfg(s) files on the cd, the install linux menu
> allows you to select which one, you require.
> The CD boots and partition magic works, so does the linux install.
> But what I want to do is auto-generate a ks.cfg based on certain 
> options the user can select from the menu. This I can store in a ramdisk
> that I have created in dos. 
> Since my kickstart install is started using loadlin, the ramdisk
> information I imagine is still there(unless booting the kernel wipes it,
> any parameters I can use?). I am wondering if anyone knows how I can
> access it or pass it onto my kickstart install as a ks.cfg to linux.  

Clark Connect has modified Anaconda to generate a kickstart file
on-the-fly. I think it was introduced in 0.91, changed in the next
release (they were surprised to find people wanted to supply their own
ks file and not go through the Q&A session every time).

Your DOS ramdisk will be wiped out, but if you have a DOS partition you
can store it there.

Additionally, you can prepare include files in the %pre section, and
include them. I don't know what you can and can't do there, but I have
done my own disk partitioning there using fdisk, and I'm pretty sure you
can modify package selections there.

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