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Re: NVidia nforce ethetnet

As I said earlier, I'm working on a customized CD, to be able to
kickstart a bunch of systems with the nforce network card (nvnet)
I got to a point where I'm completely stuck, and need some help
from someone with a better insight of the anaconda algorithm and
requirements. Here are the details:

My custom CD properly does the following:
- boots
- loads the module (nvnet)/initializes the network card
- gets it's IP through DHCP
- gets it's ks.cfg through HTTP
- gets netstage2.img through HTTP (The failure is arround
	this point, so it might not quite get it right,
	I'm not completely certain)

The details of the failure:

On tty1 The error message states:
	"The anaconda installation tree in that directory
	does not seem to match your boot media"
On tty2: nothing (not even a shell)
On tty3, after getting netstg2.img over HTTP, the last two lines are:
	* copied 10502144 bytes to (null) (/tmp/ramfs/netstg2.img)
	* mntloop loop0 on /mnt/runtime as /tmp/ramfs/netstg2.img fd is 22
On tty4, after successful DHCP stuff, the two last lines are:
	<4>Unable to identify CD-ROM format
	<4>VFS: Can't find ext2 filesystem on dev loop(7,0)

What I did:

- Compiled a BOOT type of kernel and modules, only change made was to
	disable module versioning.
- Comipled nvnet.o module (it of course doesn't have symbol versioning).
- Put all this versionless modules into a directory with the kernel
	version, made the cpio of this directory and saved a compressed
	copy in /modules/modules.cgz in the initrd.
- Modified the files /modules/module-info and /modules/pcitable
	to include the information for the nvnet.o module.
- Put the new kernel and initrd in the CD, and modified isolinux.cfg
	to use them.
- Made the ISO and burnt it.

By the way, this is for RH9 (Shrike).

I'll post a fully detailed solution once I get it work.


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