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RH9 - initrd.img stage2.img

I'm having problems with a pxe install of RH9, trying to follow how we 
did things with 7.3.  We use pxe, serving a custom initrd.img (with a 
modified init, some binaries, and libs), trying to do an install via nfs.  

With 7.3, we've been able to get away with just unzipping, mounting, and 
copying off of the original initrd.img onto a new and larger initrd.img 
(it needs to be ~1M larger than the original initrd.img).

With 9.0 if I unzip, and mount the initrd.img from images/pxeboot from the 
CD, and copy the contents onto a new & larger ramdisk, rezip it, and try 
to serve it to a booting machine, it fails with an error about the 
anaconda install tree and I see on the error term a msg about stage2.img.  
I'm thinking that I need to modify stage2.img in some way to make it work 
with my new initrd.img.

Does anyone have any suggestions about what path I should follow?


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