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Kickstarting multi-homed PXE client


I've observed a problem when kickstarting PXE clients containing
multiple interfaces and was wondering if anyone could shed some light on
this. I've already performed a kickstart installation via PXE without
any problems on a system with a single interface, but problems arise
when installing on a system with two or more interfaces.

The PXE client boots, obtains the correct kernel and initrd images, uses
eth0 as ksdevice, gets the ks.cfg and places it in /tmp, but then fails.
It works great on a non-PXE, floppy based installation, but kickstart
fails completely when using the same ks.cfg via PXE. Also, kickstart
cannot properly fall back to an interactive installation - an attempt to
mount the nfs image gives "device or resource busy" on one of the VCs.Is
this an indication that the nfs directory is already mounted?

Any assistance would be most appreciated. Thanks!  


John P. Campbell	
Systems Administrator 	
Maximum Throughput Inc.
mailto:<jcampbell max-t com>

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