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Re: Changing partition information in pre section

What is your ks.cfg file trying to do?
typically it will use free space to create your partition layout.
ie: part / --fstype ext3 --size=1 --grow
Are you creating a partitioning structure from your %pre script?


Fong Vang wrote:

If a script in the %pre section modifies the /tmp/ks.cfg file, does it have
to do anything special to get anaconda to be aware of the changes?  For some
reason, anaconda keeps aborting the install with this error message: "Unable
to locate partition /dev/hda6 to use for /."  I've manually verified that
the partition table exists.  They're also properly partitioned and formatted
with the proper sizes (I've tried to mount it manually).  What could I be

Thanks for any help.

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