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Re: %include, list-harddrives and rhAS21

I don't think that AS 2.1 has the %include directive.

What you can do is in a %pre script rewrite out the kickstart file with the
proper partition entries.
The reason this works is anaconda re-reads the kickstart file after it runs
%pre.  I believe you would just need
to write your knew kickstart to:



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Hello list,

I tried to use a

%include /tmp/partinfo in my RedHat Advanced Server Config (based on RH7.2)
but anaconda fails.

Does sb. have a solution for this problem,
and how to include list-harddrives (from anaconda-8.0 or later)
within RH7.2 or Advanced Server?

Thanks for any help in advance.


Thomas Baumann // Postfach 110115 // D-64216 Darmstadt // <tom tiri li>

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