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RE: Kickstart with minimal install adds more files

On Wed, 9 Jul 2003, p p wrote:

> Sorry, but Im still a bit of a newbie with some of this stuff.  Should 
> adding this under the packages section work?
> %packages --ignoredeps

Do not do this. It will break your system!!

> -packagename acl-2.2.3-1
> -packagename anacron-2.3-25
> -packagename apmd-3.0.2-18

No it should be like this:

You do not want to turn off the dependencies. you want to load them unless
you do not want the system to function. What I usually do is whack out
the stuff I think I do not want and then start the install. Anaconda will 
resolve the deps and if anything is missing it will tell you what it wants
to install to satisfy the deps. Add those packages to the ks-cfg or rm the
packages that need additional deps and you should be all set.


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