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RE: Including nonstandard RPMs in the KS install

  the --withnumbers option is needed to rebuild the hdlist files.  I can't
remember where on the web I found it, but it wouldn't work without it. ;)
And genhdlist is not exactly documented well either.  I have never found a
manpage for it.

For us, I mentioned we used this

genhdlist --withnumbers --hdlist RedHat/base/hdlist /var/ftp/pub/ia64

the --hdlist option points to your hdlist file.  Normally, this will be in
your distrodir/RedHat/base directory.  For us, I have everything in
/var/ftp/pub/ia64, and I run a script from there called generate.sh.  So,
my --hdlist is relative to that, but it could be fully qualified if you
need it to be.

The last option, /var/ftp/pub/ia64, is the top path to your distribution.

As an example, say you want to update nfs-utils-0.3.3-5.i386.rpm with the
latest nfs-utils-0.3.3-6.73.i386.rpm.  This is an example, don't thrash me
guys. :)  Move the old rpm out of /var/ftp/pub/ia64/RedHat/RPMS, and move
the new one into place.  Then run genhdlist and you are good to go.  The
installer will automagically use the newer one, since you regenerated your
hdlist files.

However, this is where automrg comes in handy.  It does the checking for
old rpm's versus new ones for you.  So, what I do is download all the
updated rpm's to a directory, then run automrg against my distro
directory.  It compares that against the updated ones, and moves new ones
into place if needed, purging the old ones.  Then I run genhdlist and I
have an updated ftp site for doing kickstart installs on our cluster.  All
of that is easily automated via cron or scripting.

Hope that helps.

Jason P Holland
Texas Learning and Computation Center
University of Houston
Philip G Hoffman Hall rm 207A
tel: 713-743-4850
cell: 281-451-5991

On Tue, 15 Jul 2003, Robert Denton wrote:

> Jason, I like you approach quite a bit.  I downloaded and installed
> genhdlist on my http install box and there doesn't seem to be a man page
> with it.  Nonetheless, once I get the syntax worked out, this should do the
> trick.  Until I locate a good online help page, could you clue me in to some
> of the syntax?
> What does --withnumbers do?
> Are there any help features with it at all?
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