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Re: Various kickstart 9 issues.

On Wed, 2003-07-16 at 13:14, Egan Ford wrote:
> Fix #1:  I only do network install using pxe and monitor through a serial
> port remotely (I cannot remember the last time I did a CD install).  I would
> argue that most of us doing this use an xterm per machine to monitor the
> installs.  The problem is that the installer assumes vt100 if using serial
> and it is ugly.  Since 6.1 I have be replace the vt100 terminfo file in the
> initrd image with xterm.  Now it looks great, just like the VGA and all the
> keys work.  I think that kickstart should using vt call query the terminal
> type.

There's not really a good way to do this.  Especially as we only have a
very limited set of terminfo to work with (space on floppies is at a

> Problem.  With RH9 somewhere it gets reverted back to ugly.  Almost like the
> terminfo file does not get read or is read from another source.  I am
> assuming a .img file from the NFS server.  I am still looking for it.

We use the vt100-nav (no advanced video) by default on serial installs
to avoid breaking things with serial terminals that can't handle
advanced features.  Boot with 'linux utf8' to fall back to standard
vt100.  This is in the release notes :)



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