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Re: RH9 pxeboot doesn't read ks= boot parameter

It would be extremely helpful if when it prompts you for installation 
method that you do a ALT+F2 and/or ALT+F3 and see what the error was. That 
should give you some pointers.  After you've done that, tell us what 
you've found.

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07/18/2003 11:11 AM
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        Subject:        RH9 pxeboot doesn't read ks= boot parameter

Hi all.
I'm trying to install RH9 with PXE using kickstart.  After reading through 
the list, I haven't found any post that describes my particular problem. 
My problem is that pxeboot kicks off starts up and hits 
/sbin/loader...initializes the eth0 and then prompts for Installation 
Method.  My pxe.cfg is below so it should be just starting right up in 
kickstart, but it doesn't.  I've tried the ks=http: option but that 
doesn't work.
Some background
I have PXE working boot off off pxeboot/vmlinuz kernel and loading the 
my pxeclient.cfg/default file contains only one label... (rh9* files are 
the pxeboot files)
label linux
        kernel rh9vmlinuz
        append ks=nfs: 
ksdevice=eth0 initrd=rh9initrd.img lang=en_US console=ttyS0,115200
My nfs server contains the following exports file ( running on a sun box. 
it has to be there sorry :( )
#vol                     perm   anan user
/vol/exports/static    rw   1000
I'll provide my DHCP conf later because I figure that's related to getting 
pxeboot to work (which it is) so if you want to see it ask.
After that I'm at a loss.  Any help will be appreciated.
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