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Re: RH9 pxeboot doesn't read ks= boot parameters

On Mon, 21 Jul 2003, Cipriano Groenendal wrote:

> > The ALT-F2 and ALT-F3 would have been welcome, but I'm installing these
> > puppies over a serial console that doesn't seem to respond to the alt-f*
> > keys.  If anyone has any experience on how to do this, I'd greatly
> > appreciate the info.  I'm using BL10e servers and accessing them through
> > the management console.
> Try including a `switchto 3` or `chvt 3` in the top of your %pre / %post
> scripts, and a chvt/switcho 1 on the end. That way, the installer will
> switch to the Alt-F3 window once the post starts executing.

I don't see how that will help him see anything. If he's using a serial
console, odds are there's no screen there.

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