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RE: Various kickstart 9 issues.

> There's not really a good way to do this.  Especially as we 
> only have a
> very limited set of terminfo to work with (space on floppies is at a
> premium)

Agreed, however pxe images have no such limitation.

> > Problem.  With RH9 somewhere it gets reverted back to ugly. 
>  Almost like the
> > terminfo file does not get read or is read from another 
> source.  I am
> > assuming a .img file from the NFS server.  I am still 
> looking for it.
> We use the vt100-nav (no advanced video) by default on serial installs
> to avoid breaking things with serial terminals that can't handle
> advanced features.  Boot with 'linux utf8' to fall back to standard
> vt100.  This is in the release notes :)

Thanks.  That leaves me with a bit of a problem.  If I replace vt100-nav
with xterm or use utf8 I get bad xterm output unless I pass -u to xterm.
All is fine until I have to install a non-RH9 OS.

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