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Re: help:PXE and kickstart config file

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On Wed, 30 Jul 2003, elechen wrote:

> I am installing RH9 to several machines from nfs server 
> at the same time. If I specify ksdevice=eth0 or ksdevice=eth1 in pxeconfig file, only that network device will be used to find kickstart file. But I don't know beforehand which kind of network device every machine actually uses. That push me into hot water. 

Huh?? Does your machine have a pxe capable nic?? If so why not setup your dhcp and
tftp server to do pxe boot. Then you do not have to worry about probing the nics.
For this to work you need a pxe capable bios and nic.

Specify your ks file in the default configuration file on the tftp server. Something
like the following works for me:

label ks9
  kernel RHL9/vmlinuz
  append ks RHL9/initrd=initrd.img ks=

> Is there a method to force installation program to probe all of metwork device automatically, and then choose the network device depending on dhcp feedback info? I use NFS server to install RH9. 

Not sure what you are really trying to accomplish here. linux dhcp server, tftp server,
nfs and a machine with a pxe capable bios and nic are all that is needed.

I do it all the time here but if you cannot meet the above requirements
you need to find a different wat to do it. There are many but.....


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