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RE: Re: help:PXE and kickstart config file

Thanks for your kindly reminder

 >Please wrap your lines at less than 80 characters.
 >On Wed, 30 Jul 2003, elechen wrote:
 >> I am installing RH9 to several machines from nfs server 
 >> at the same time. If I specify ksdevice=eth0 or >>ksdevice=eth1 in pxeconfig file, only that network device will >>be used to find kickstart file. But I don't know beforehand >>which kind of network device every machine actually uses. That >>push me into hot water. 
 >Huh?? Does your machine have a pxe capable nic?? If so why not >>setup your dhcp and
 >tftp server to do pxe boot. Then you do not have to worry >>about probing the nics.
 >For this to work you need a pxe capable bios and nic.
 >Specify your ks file in the default configuration file on the >>tftp server. Something
 >like the following works for me:
 >label ks9
 >  kernel RHL9/vmlinuz
 >  append ks RHL9/initrd=initrd.img >>ks=

yes, my machines have pxe capable nic and bios.
And my default configuration file likes following:

label ks9
kernel ks9/vmlinuz
append ks root=/dev/ram mem=128M console=tty1 ks=nfs: initrd=ks9/initrd.img

But when I restart the machines, then after loading the kernel, a window prompted on machines and let me to choose network device is eth0 or eth1.
Becuase I don't know the network device on these machines, I can not set ksdevice=eth0 or eth1 deforehand in default configuration file.

How can I let installation program probe all of network device automatically and then choose the network device depending on dhcp feedback info?

 >> Is there a method to force installation program to probe all >>of metwork device automatically, and then choose the network >>device depending on dhcp feedback info? I use NFS server to >>install RH9. 
 >Not sure what you are really trying to accomplish here. linux >>dhcp server, tftp server,
 >nfs and a machine with a pxe capable bios and nic are all that >>is needed.
 >I do it all the time here but if you cannot meet the above >>requirements
 >you need to find a different wat to do it. There are many >>but.....



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