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Re: how do I expand an iso image on linux

I'm still getting an "Unable to read header list" error, when trying to retrieve the package information.

I'm using newly downloaded ISO's, using the same procedure working, right now, for my RH7.3 kickstart depository.

Any thoughts?


On Wednesday, October 1, 2003, at 09:27 AM, Richard Black wrote:

You can install directly from the ISO images via NFS, just put the first 3 CDs in a directory on an NFS share.

To see what's in the ISO image, then mount it with the -o loop option.

manually like this:
mkdir shrike-i386-disc1.iso.dir
mount shrike-i386-disc1.iso shrike-i386-disc1.iso.dir -o loop

Or in a for loop like this:
for X in 1 2 3; do ISO=shrike-i386-disc$X.iso; mkdir $ISO.dir; mount $ISO $ISO.dir -o loop; done
ls *.dir

Unpacking can be done like this:

mkdir i386
(cd shrike-i386-disc1.iso.dir && tar -cf - .)|(cd i386 && tar -xvf -)

So NFS will save you space on your file server by allowing you to install from ISO images rather than having the CDs unpacked into directories. Also, later when mounting the NFS share from the installed clients, just do the same to access anything in the ISO images:
mkdir /mnt/nfs
mount /mnt/nfs
cd /mnt/nfs
for X in *.iso; do mount $X $X.dir -o loop; done

Then unmount the ISO images before unmounting /mnt/nfs

Also the items such as redhat-config-packages and redhat-install-packages will work directly with ISO images as well.


duncan wrote:

stupid question.

I had a lot of problem getting RH9 cd's to copy on to my kickstart server.

I copy everything over as I did when I successfully setup my RH7.3 images. Unfortunately, when I try my new ks install via the RH9 image, I get a "Unable to read header list" error.

So I want to pull-down new ISO images, and extract them directly on my Linux server dedicated to kickstart, but I don't know how to expand the ISO images on linux.


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