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adding support for new monitor for kickstart installation


I have posted several time in this list my problem concerning new

Indeed i want to kickstart some machine which have monitors that are
not in the MonitorDB file which is present in the netstg2.img file.

The installation run well, the monitor are dccprobing well but the final
configuration doesn't take into account the value that are return from
the dccprobe but other value that are far more conservative ( especially
for the hsync vsync parameter ).

I discover that the monitor must be present in the MonitorDB file in the
Here i will describe how to "upgrade the file".

-first mount the netstg2.img file
mount -o loop /var/ftp/pub/distrib/mci-9/RedHat/base/netstg2.img
-second make a copy of the /mnt/loop directory
mkdir /tmp/loop2
rsync -av /mnt/loop/ /tmp/loop2

then modify the file in /tmp/loop2/usr/share/hwdata
The first thing to do is to copy the following files from the hwdata
from rawhide. Then you get the uptodate files
Cards MonitorsDB pci.ids pcitable

After you can edit the MonitorsDB file for adding your monitor.
for example i had the following line for my screen
Maxdata Computer; Maxdata Belinea 10 17 75; max06aa; 31.0-83.0;
56.0-75.0; 1
As far i can see the important thing is to put a real vesa id
You got all these informations by launching ddcprobe in the F2 console
during installation.

The final step is to create the updated netstg2.img
u should use mkcramfs.
Here in my example i use
umount /mnt/loop
mv /var/ftp/pub/distrib/mci-9/RedHat/base/netstg2.img

mkcramfs /tmp/loop2 /var/ftp/pub/distrib/mci-9/RedHat/base/netstg2.img

Now you have an updated netstg2.img that contains your monitor.

and it works for me.

I hope it will be useful to other person and any comments are welcome

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