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Re: using kickstart to run a single command

It's a product called PowerQuest which I know very little about. My boss wants me to come up with a Linux boot disk so they can get away from lanman authentication.

I think you could install Windows by using kickstart to create a DOS filesystem and moving the necessary boot programs (command.com, msdos.sys, io.sys), network drivers, autoexec.bat, config.sys, etc, to the partition. You'd have to dd the the DOS boot sector to the first 512 bytes of the disk. Then copy the Windows installation files to the partition and run setup.

Back to my questions. Would my ks.cfg look something like this?

lang en_US
network --bootproto dhcp
nfs --server x.x.x.x --dir /redhat/PowerQuest
device ethernet
keyboard us
/mnt/source/myscript.sh /proc/cmdline

And that's it?


Philip Rowlands wrote:
On Sat, 4 Oct 2003, Patty O'Reilly wrote:

My only experience with kickstart has been to partition, install and
configure redhat linux machines. Is there a way to use kickstart
without the 'install' or 'upgrade' directives to execute a script on an
NFS mounted filesystem?

Yes, in a %pre script. You've got storage and network drivers loaded by
then, which is enough to do anything interesting.

I want to use the RedHat boot image along with kickstart to boot a
machine and have it access a program on an NFS mounted filesystem which
perform a Windows install.

What program will install Windows? I've half-written an unattended
installer for Win2K, based on RH kickstart, but it's the world's biggest

The alternative was RIS and Active Directory, which didn't appeal to me.

Cheers, Phil

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