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Re: problem with broadcom 5705 and kickstart


I had to download the drivers from broadcom.com

They had a driver that works in the kernel-BOOT environment as well a driver for the OS.

I had to make a new version of the boot.iso image to include the new module.

First you then have to modify the initrd.img to include the driver: for example:

zcat -9 initrd.img >> initrd.img.un
mount -o loop initrd.img.un loop/

edit modules-info file: add:
        "BCM5700 NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet Driver"

Modify modules.cgz
zcat modules.cgz  > modules.cpio
cpio -i --make-directories < modules.cpio
this creates the directory: 2.4.20-8BOOT
copy desired modules into this 2.4.20-8BOOT folder.
Ie: bcm5700.o
recompress, etc....


Eric Doutreleau wrote:
I 'm trying to kickstart a laptop with a broadcom 5705 card.
i use the boot.iso file to install from a ftp server but the card
isn't reckoknize during the initial dhcp call.

Has someone already succefully kickstarting a machine with a
broadcom 5705 with RH9

Thanks in advance for any anwser

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