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RE: RHAS3 IA64 RC2 issues

Problem solved.  The KS file is getting read when using hostname, but install
was failing because of IP address used on kickstart file.  Changing to hostname
in ks file fixes the install.

Why does all other RH work with IP but this version does not?


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> Subject: RHAS3 IA64 RC2 issues
> I am unable to get my KS file using NFS with RHAS3 IA64 RC2.  
> RHAS3 i386 and
> x86_64 RC2 work as expected, but ia64 has the following problems:
> 1.  If I use an IP address for the NFS server, it fails to 
> attempt to mount.  I
> get prompted with the Lang selection and it does not log an 
> entry in syslog on
> my NFS servers.
> 2.  If I use a hostname for the NFS server, it attempts to 
> mount and I get a
> syslog entry authenticating the mount but KS reports the 
> error "That directory
> could not be mounted from the server."  After I press return 
> the NFS entry
> screen does have my entries.
> RHAS21 ia64 works fine too.
> I suspect a bug or undocumented "feature".  In any case 
> manual NFS installs work
> as expected.
> BTW, the kernel and initrd are from the boot.img file.
> Thanks.
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