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Kickstart on RH9 hanging

Title: Kickstart on RH9 hanging

Hi everyone, this is my first post to this list, so please bear with me.  I'm trying to get a Kickstart installation running for a RedHat 9 system.  Here are the system detail:

I'm using the following Kickstart file:

I'm using the standard RedHat 9 setup floppies, and I've added the ks.cfg file to the 1st floppy.  I initiate the Kickstart install by typing "linux ks=floppy dd" at the "boot:" prompt when I boot with the first disk.

As you can probably see from the Kickstart file, and the system specs I'm doing a "bare-bones" text based Kickstart installation with not many packages being installed.  My issue is that my installation seems to be hanging at the "Reading package information..." text dialog.  The system is getting onto the network, getting a DHCP address, and its loading the net base images from the HTTP server I've specified.  So the network is working fine.  And I've used the same HTTP server manually and have successfully installed the same system.  I suspect my problem is that because I have only 32MB of RAM that anaconda needs to enable swap in order to parse the package information properly, but at the point of package reading anaconda has done the disk partitioning but hasn't activated swap.  I've check the other VT's and there doesn't seem to be any errors.

Has anyone else ran into this issue, or am I doing something blatantly wrong?

Any help or comments are greatly appretiated.

FYI, the system is going to be used as a router, that's why the system specs are so small.  :-)


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