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RE: Kickstart on RH9 hanging

Damn, I hate when Outlook thinks it's smarter than me.  Thanks for the
listserv edicate advice.  I've modified the recipient properties so Outlook
won't do that again.

I'll have to ponder the idea of using RH 7.3, I like the idea of running
newer versions of the kernel, but I suppose I can handle that with a post
installation upgrade.

Thanks again.


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Warnes, Jason SktnHR wrote:
> Hi everyone, this is my first post to this list, so please bear with
> me.  I'm trying to get a Kickstart installation running for a RedHat 9 
> system.  Here are the system detail:
>       Intel Pentium - 133Mhz
>       32MB RAM
>       1.2GB Hard Disk

First, don't post HTML to mailing lists (especially not text _and_ HTML).

I am certain that Red Hat Linux 9 required more memory than 32 MB.  Why 
not put 7.3 on it?  It will me much more responsive.

You could also take a look at the RULE project:

They build Red Hat for low memory systems.


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