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Re: Problem with ks and Ilo

I've built machines with iLo, but found it a lot more mangeable to use 
PXE.. iLo locks you into Compaq, and isn't the most well thought out way 
of doing network booting IMHO.
If you need to use iLo, don't put the ks file on the floppy--use DHCP and 
have the installer grab the file from the dhcp server, nfs server, httpd 
server, etc.


James S. Martin, RHCE
Administrative Office of the United States Courts
Washington, DC
(202) 502-2394

"Henry, Chris" <Chris Henry Level3 com>
Sent by: kickstart-list-admin redhat com
10/09/2003 01:03 PM
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        Subject:        Problem with ks and Ilo

I've been trying to get kickstart working with some servers I have using 
the compaq/hp Integrated Lights Out management.  I've gotten the systems 
to boot using the virtual floppy drive, but I've had difficulties in 
getting it to find it's ks.cfg.  The system boots off the floppy, but once 
it's done that it tries to load the floppy as a USB device.  It needs 
usb-ohci.h module, which isn't in the boot image, so it fails to load the 
device.  I've tried hacking initrd and including the module, but then the 
image won't fit on the floppy.   I haven't experimented with the virtual 
cd yet, but it seems like that might be the way to go, since there's much 
more space.
I'm curious if anyone has had any experience using ILO and getting 
kickstart to work.  Any assistance would be great appreciated. 
Chris Henry 
Level 3 Communications 

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