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Re: Problem with ks and Ilo


you dont mention what version of Redhat, but I'll take a shot.

i have built a number of RHEL (AS 2.1) systems, and found that i had to
update to 1.27 for the firmware on the ILO for it to work correctly.  I
also had to use a special boot.img from HP that contained the right
drivers for the USB stuff and for the bcm5700 network card.

There is this -->

and I also ran into this issue aswell while updating 2 servers (it stopped
at 96% .. i left it for 45 minutes then closed the window.. no damage was
done and it wwas actually updated) -->

and the new boot.img (Network Bootdisk) can be dound here... -->

their wording is :
" Integrated Lights-Out (iLO) Virtual Floppy Installation Addendums:

    * To perform a virtual floppy installation, a special bootnet.img
diskette must be used. Continue to use the virtual floppy instructions
as shown in the general OS installation HOWTO."

from -->

I am working on PXE next, I can build the server fine over ILO/Kickstart
from a HTTP server.

> I've been trying to get kickstart working with some servers I have using
> the compaq/hp Integrated Lights Out management.  I've gotten the systems
> to boot using the virtual floppy drive, but I've had difficulties in
> getting it to find it's ks.cfg.  The system boots off the floppy, but
> once it's done that it tries to load the floppy as a USB device.  It
> needs usb-ohci.h module, which isn't in the boot image, so it fails to
> load the device.  I've tried hacking initrd and including the module,
> but then the image won't fit on the floppy.   I haven't experimented
> with the virtual cd yet, but it seems like that might be the way to go,
> since there's much more space.
> I'm curious if anyone has had any experience using ILO and getting
> kickstart to work.  Any assistance would be great appreciated.
> Chris Henry
> Engineer
> Level 3 Communications


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