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RE: Kickstart on RH9 hanging

Thanks Tomas.  I've started playing around with doing the partition
creations in the %pre section.  Thanks for the Python code that should help
a ton!

Much appretiated.


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Subject: RE:Kickstart on RH9 hanging

Warnes, Jason SktnHR:
>Hi everyone, this is my first post to this list, so please bear with 
>me.  I'm trying to get a Kickstart installation running for a RedHat 9 
>system.  Here are the system detail:
>	Intel Pentium - 133Mhz
>	32MB RAM
>	1.2GB Hard Disk

You must edit Anaconda file partitioning.py. At end of this file is:

    if not partitions.isKickstart:
        rc = intf.messageWindow(_("Low Memory"),
                            _("As you don't have much memory in this "
                              "machine, we need to turn on swap space "
                              "immediately. To do this we'll have to "
                              "write your new partition table to the disk "
                              "immediately. Is that OK?"), "okcancel")
        rc = 0

    if rc:
        diskSet.savePartitions ()


modifi rc = 0 to rc = 1 to adding swap in kickstart

Tomas Jacko

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