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Re: RH8 Package specification in Kickstart

I would initially install a box with those packages by hand, approving the dependencies when they're checked, then start from the anaconda-ks.cfg in /root/. It would be a lot easier than guessing the dependencies, and it's a necessary evil despite the customer's request for "only $these_packages".


Dave Mackintosh wrote:
Greetings, list
I've had some moderate success with RedHat 7.2, 7.3, and 8.0 doing
basic Kickstarts (ones where the packages are specified as
@Everything). However we've hit a situation where one customer has
decided he wants every RedHat 8.0 machine to only have a specific
list of packages installed.

I've tried just putting the list of packages in the ks.cfg (ie, no @
groups) but I get the dreaded anaconda python death.

There has been at least one other request of this nature to the list
but other than a suggestion to change the CD image (do I have to edit
comps.xml if I do this?) I don't see much in the way of answers.

Can anyone give me pointers to where I might find how to proceed?
Is ordering important?

Thanks for your time.

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