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Re: RH8 Package specification in Kickstart

Dave -

I have been installing specific packages for quite a while, though never on RH 8. But I imagine
that you may have run into a problem which I discovered. You problem may not be a problem of
dependencies, but rather of duplication. I would get anaconda errors if I put something in the
%packages section if it was already being installed because it was included by the comps file,
either in the Base install, or one of the groups I may have selected.

I hope this helps.

- Mark

Dave Mackintosh wrote:

Hi Richard

Hmmm... to generate the list of packages, I did a rpm -qa on a sample machine
and then stripped off the version information. So I had assumed that the dependancies were all taken care of.

Is order important in the %packages section?

If I said %packages --resolve-deps, would the installer automatically satisfy
otherwise unspecified dependancies?

On Fri, Oct 17, 2003 at 10:25:12AM -0500, Richard Black wrote:

I can only think of anaconda death due to a package name not matching an
actual RPM. i.e. if you specify a package and it can't be found, then you
can expect anaconda to die. Here is my working %packages section I am
using for RHL80 which is a minimal install (could be smaller by subtracting
packages with a leading minus sign - you will see below that I don't want
iptables so that package is removed with the minus sign) and I add on a
few packages I need (# = comment, blank lines are ok):

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