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Re: RH8 Package specification in Kickstart

Hmmm... to generate the list of packages, I did a rpm -qa on a sample machine
and then stripped off the version information. So I had assumed that the dependancies were all taken care of.

That "should" do it. Note that some packages are named in such a way that
you must take extra care when stripping the version numbers. What does your
python error indicate, does it give a specific package name as the cause, or
which package is it processing when it dies, probably the other vt's won't give much help here but it's worth checking them.

For stripping version numbers, maybe something like:
rpm -qa | sed -e 's/-[0-9][0-9]*.*$//'

But that still may not be perfect.

Is order important in the %packages section?

No, I don't believe so. I've never had to "re-order" my packages section because of problems.

If I said %packages --resolve-deps, would the installer automatically satisfy
otherwise unspecified dependancies?

Both RHL 8.0 and 9 support "%packages --resolvedeps". They do not appear to support "%packages --resolve-deps". Yes, if you specified %packages --resolvedeps then the
dependencies should be resolved.

find . -type f -exec grep -Hi -- --resolvedeps {} \;
anaconda-8.0/docs/kickstart-docs.txt:   --resolvedeps

Also, even though you don't select any @ groups, the @base group will still be selected (I don't
know of a way to de-select it). What I did on mine was to start with an empty %packages
section, then see what it took to add on my required packages.

Richard Black

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