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Re: New version of custom-modules.pl (AKA initrd mangler)


When you "mangle" initrd on your boot floppy, does the kernel you
install already include the updated driver or are you only fixing the
boot floppy?

We've noticed that if the boot floppy kernel version does not exactly
match the kernel you are installing, anaconda and kudzu will not
properly set up things during kickstart (like sound).  Anaconda assumes
the kernel on the boot floppy is the kernel you are installing and
writes things into /lib/modules with that assumption.

To get around this, we've always done the following:

- Integrate latest drivers (tg3, e100, e1000, sym53c8xx, etc) into
kernel and rebuild all kernels (for 7.3, this might be
2.4.18-27.7.x.cisco.1 or 2.4.20-20.7.cisco.1)

- Include the new kernels in our image and use
/usr/lib/anaconda-runtime/buildinstall to remake the boot floppies with
our new kernel

This has proven to integrate the latest drivers into both the boot
floppy and the installed kernel.


On Mon, 2003-10-20 at 20:04, Chris Adams wrote:
> I've updated my script that allows you to add and delete modules and/or
> replace the kernel/modules on a boot floppy.  It now can also replace
> the kernel and modules in the ISO/PXE boot image set (I need to do this
> because the sym53c8xx driver in the -BOOT kernels won't work on a set of
> servers I have and now I'm trying to PXE boot them).
> Get it from:
> http://www.iruntheinter.net/files/misc/custom-modules.pl-1.6
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