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Investment Bank Contractor required

Hi All 

I need your help.
I'm on the desperate search for a contractor with the skills listed below to
work at a Top investment Bank in London. The daily rate is excellent.
Any questions please pop me an email or give me a call.

Aston Carter Ltd. 
Tel: 020 7739 5500
Fax: 020 7739 0020
Email:nwraight astoncarter co uk 
Please look at our new website:www.astoncarter.co.uk 

- Checkpoint Firewall-1 (Mandatory)
Must have deep level knowledge of product, excellent troubleshooting skills,
including debugging,
understanding of most tweaks required for ecommerce and market data
In depth ClusterXL/SecureXL, ldap account management, client authentication
If you haven't implemented CLusterXL (and VRRP on IPSO), then you probably
won't meet this requirement.

- Redhat/Suse Linux (Mandatory)
Should know how Redhat Linux Kickstart/Ananconda from the ground up, be able
to build a distribution from scratch
Ideally you will have previously built a customised Redhat distribution.

- Checkpoint Provider-1 (Highly Desirable)
Must have experiencing in designing and deploying a Provider-1 in a High
Availability model
Must have implemented Provider-1 in a HA configuration

- Server Load Balancing  (Highly Desirable)
Good level of design and implementation experience of server load balancing
solutions, preferably Foundry and F5 based solutions

- Proxy Server Architecture (Highly Desirable)
Good level of knowledge of application proxy server design and
implementation experience.

- Cisco (Mandatory)
High level of understanding of Cisco Routers/Switches, with respect to
security. Good 802.1q, OSPF and BGP.
Detailed understanding of how Cisco ACLs operate.

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