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RE: new release?

Personally, I'm getting the impression that RH 9.0 is the last non-Fedora,
non-RHEL release.  See article at

Donald E. Bodle, Jr., RHCT
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Subject: new release?

I asked a few months ago when Red Hat would present their next release, 
and whether it would be 9.1 or 10, requesting that sombody @redhat.com 
answer.  A bunch of helpful people suggested that they release in April 
and October and that it would probably be 9.1.  I'm grateful, but none 
of our regular @redhat.com posters responded at all.  October's almost 
gone, EL 3 is out, Fedora's getting press, and I'm aiming at December 
for a network-wide upgrade.  We're running 7.3, which is losing all its 
errata support at year's end, and I really need to know whether my 9.x 
work is wasted time.  I'd appreciate something from someone @redhat.com, 
anything as general as "we're releasing 9.1 in a couple weeks" or "we're 
releasing 10 next year".  Thanks in advance.  This is really important 
to a legion of RHL users who are losing their errata support in two months.


John Beamon
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Franklin American Mortgage
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web: www.franklinamerican.com

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