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Re: new release?

I'm just seeing for the first time that the Severn release I downloaded when "Red Hat" released it as "9.0.93beta" is actually a Fedora code release. It will be in testing until the end of the month, and the next release is scheduled for Nov 03. Sorry for the noise. I had no idea RH had already basically bailed on the retail product to this complete extent. I didn't know that products under their "beta" tree on the ftp site were not actually related to the "linux" tree anymore, but to the "rawhide" tree. Wonder if they'll rename rawhide to fedora on that server anytime soon?


Bodle, Donald E wrote:
Personally, I'm getting the impression that RH 9.0 is the last non-Fedora,
non-RHEL release.  See article at

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Subject: new release?

I asked a few months ago when Red Hat would present their next release, and whether it would be 9.1 or 10, requesting that sombody @redhat.com answer. A bunch of helpful people suggested that they release in April and October and that it would probably be 9.1. I'm grateful, but none of our regular @redhat.com posters responded at all. October's almost gone, EL 3 is out, Fedora's getting press, and I'm aiming at December for a network-wide upgrade. We're running 7.3, which is losing all its errata support at year's end, and I really need to know whether my 9.x work is wasted time. I'd appreciate something from someone @redhat.com, anything as general as "we're releasing 9.1 in a couple weeks" or "we're releasing 10 next year". Thanks in advance. This is really important to a legion of RHL users who are losing their errata support in two months.

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