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Re: new release?

On Mon, 27 Oct 2003, Matt Fahrner wrote:

>Does this mean in effect that RedHat will not be supporting the
>non-Enterprise customers?

Correct, official "support", i.e. guaranteed errata and phone-em-up help
will be for RHEL only, as I understand it.

>Are they going to stop taking primary responsibility for RedHat
>updates etc. to the desktop OS?

They will "sponsor" Fedora, which is just Red Hat Linux 9.1/10 relabeled
so far. If you want a rough equivalence, then:

Fedora Core 1 == Red Hat Linux 10, next 3 months
Fedora Core 2 == Red Hat Linux 11, next 9 months, 2.6 kernel
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 == Fedora Core 3 == Red Hat Linux 12, next 15

Caveat: this is all my own guesswork and might change. The reason for
not having further point versions (9.1) is that there's no ongoing
expectation of compatibility between releases. You won't be able to drop
in Fedora Core 3 over Fedora Core 2 and just expect everything to work.

Check out http://fedora.redhat.com/ for more info.


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