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Re: new release?

Mandrak and Suse are going to kill them if they go though with it.  I am a
long time user and not happy at all about this.


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> So If your running an app on RH 9.0 when Fedora or even Red Hat
Professional Workstation comes out you can't get any support/patches/rpms
for it?? Will there be the option to upgrade to Fedora if you are already
running an older version? Or do you have to buy Fedora then you can upgrade?
> That doesn't seem like good buisness to me, there are so many customers
using these versions (7.3,8.0,9.0) that basically your telling the customer
what to do. Isn't the customer always right?
> Really, Sun still supplies patches for 2.5.1.
> Thanks,
> Rob
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