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RE: new release? Not Happy at all

I agree also.  We have invested so much in Red Hat here at the
University of Pittsburgh.  I and another colleague have been fighting up
hill battles for Red Hat, against the Solaris admins and other Unix
sysadmins.  We have a lab that was installed 2 years ago to promote Red
Hat on campus and let students get exposure.  Now we have a
product(fedora) that at first glance seems in no way associated with Red
Hat.  all of those users we were trying to get using Red Hat and show
them something different are now stuck with figuring out what to use
next.  If fedora is the next version of Red hat, like someone said
earlier, why did they have to change the name and drop support for it?
Red hat is obviously moving to a more corporate stance and we must ask
ourselves is that what linux is all about?  I understand the need to
make money but they are abandoning the methods and practices that made
them successful.  It is going to be bad for their business in the long

Any way a co-worker has been really pushing for us to look at Suse and
now we will really start to look at other distros.  I wonder if anyone
at Red Hat thought about how many customers they were going to send to
other distros by doing this?  Anyone?

Sad to see a great product end this way

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Totally agree, if there isnt a freely downloadable version of Redhat
that has regular errata and can be updated with RHN, then I for one will
be looking at Suse.  RHEL is great, but there is a real need for what
they have now.

> Mandrak and Suse are going to kill them if they go though with it.  I 
> am a long time user and not happy at all about this.
> ~joel

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