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Re: RAID10 and Kickstart

I assume you want to do this w/ Software raid?
Last time I set up anything w/ software raid it DID NOT support RAID 10
although that could have certainly changed by now.
Also, it forced you to run either raid 1 or 5 for / and /boot

I prefer to keep /boot and / out of a complicated raid array
and save that for the data,
ie, run 2x18gb scsi or equiv ide drives raid 1 for /boot and /
this gives you plenty of room for installs, software, etc,
and if you have hardware problems or filesystem corruption
that prevents the data raid from working, you can still boot the system
to fix things.

just my .02$ worth...


Philip Molter wrote:

How do you setup a RAID10 array in a kickstart file?  I have two
controllers with 8 drives each.  I want to something like:

c0p7 - c1p0 : md0

 c0p1 - c1p1 : md1
 c0p2 - c1p2 : md2
 c0p3 - c1p3 : md3
 c0p4 - c1p4 : md4
 c0p5 - c1p5 : md5
 c0p6 - c1p6 : md6
 c0p7 - c1p7 : md7

md1 - md2 - md3 - md4 - md5 - md6 - md7 : md8

Put /boot on md0 and put everything else on md8 (a simplified case).
Is this even possible with a kickstart file?  The kickstart examples
all assume you'll be creating either a raid0 or a raid1 or a raid5,
but not a raid10.


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* Texas.Net Internet
* http://www.texas.net/
* philip texas net

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