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Im doing some development work with Linux RHEL3 AS on a PPC p-series,
trying to automate the install on linux process by netbooting from a server
and then having kickstart answer the rest of the questions

During a manual install, Anaconda will allow you to erase the entire
patition during the autopartition and then create the PPC Prep Boot and
other partition as needed for the PPC setup. However the option to create a
PPC Prep Boot doesnt appear in the customization guide i found for RH
version 9.

Can KickStart create a PPC PReP Boot? If so then what is the 'Part' string
look like?

Since they now use --fstype instead of --type the docs limits it to 4
choices (ext2, ext3 swap, vfat). Also the kickstart configurtor doest allow
for a PPC Prep Boot partition either. Are there more Undocumented chooses?

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