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Re: Upgrading kernel-BOOT

You can find more info on rpm spec files at www.rpm.org

BTW,  it might not be easy to add your own patches to RedHat's kernel src
rpm. It should be noted that RedHat applies hundreds of patches to the
kernel and your patch might not apply cleanly.

In case you are not able to apply the path, consider building your own boot
kernel with a custom spec file. You can still use the kernel .config from
RedHat src rpm file. Building your own kernel might have few issues... you
might have to experiment a bit with the kernel .config to ensure the
anaconda buildinstall will find all kernel modules it needs.

Venkatesh K

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Subject: Re: Upgrading kernel-BOOT

> On 2003.12.19 14:09 John Beamon wrote:
> > SRPMS always unpack under /usr/src/redhat, with specs in the SPECS
> > subdir.
> >
> > $ rpm -qlp kernel-2.4.18-3.src.rpm |grep spec
> > kernel-2.4.spec
> Thanks. Is there a good webpage that will explain rpm spec files?
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