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kickstart over nfs

hi people

im trying to do a fedora install with kickstart over nfs but not having much luck ...

my dhcp server ( and nfs server ( are different ...

does the 'next-server' option in dhcpd.conf refer to the nfs server that will export the kickstart file? or does it refer to the server that will supply the installation tree?

these are my dhcpd.conf details:
filename "/kickstart/ks.cfg";

the server is also running nfs.

when i boot the machine it seems to grab an ip ok - coz i see (just a quick flash) 'determining host name' - and then it goes on to ask me lang, keyboard - but then it asks me install method ...

which is strange because the first line of my is :
nfs --server --dir /home/pantz/projects/Fedora-Custom/i386

im guessing that the ks.cfg is not being read - any ideas whats going wrong??

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