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Re: Kickstart config automation

On Tue, 20 Jan 2004, Nick White wrote:

>I was intrigued by the idea that was brought up recently about using a CGI
>script to determine options.  How would you run the CGI?

- Via Apache (most documentation/help from Google)
- Standalone [perl/nc] script dispatcher (least overhead)
- Anything in between; the mechanics of launching the CGI is not the
hard part :)

>Would you just do an HTTP GET from the %pre section and put the output
>in /tmp, then %include it?

Could do that.

> How would you pass parameters to the CGI (could you pass them in at
> the "boot" prompt)?

Yes, they would be accessible via /proc/cmdline. Don't use anything that
a module might misinterpret; try "linux mykickstartmode=desktop", for

What's much more interesting/fun is to pass as much information as
possible from the KS client. You could send hardware info, current
partition layout, current O/S setup, and dynamically write back a fully
customized kickstart file.


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