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Re: NTFS resizing during installation ...

On Wed, 21 Jan 2004, Marc De Preter wrote:

>I am trying to build a fully automated installation procedure, that will
>resize NTFS partitions, and create linux partitions, based on some

How will you resize NTFS partitions? I don't think parted knows how to
do that.

>My main issue is that I need the user to break the NTFS partitioning at
>any time (if (s)he decides not to continue with the install f.i.).
>So the way I do it for the moment is to run a script before calling the
>loader, and this script does all the magic, and reboots the box in case
>of a problem or if the user doesn't confirm the actions to take.
>Now, this may not be the best way to do it. So is it possible to run
>this script in the %pre section of the kickstart ?

Of course.

>Before you say "of course", please consider that I need user input, and
>that I don't want user to Ctrl+Alt+F2 to get to the script ... I would
>rather have the script running in the GUI :)
>So, anybody has experience with this ?

Only reading what others do on this list. dialog is a decent enough
textmode GUI for your requirements, but if you need something running in
X that's (more) difficult. chvt will flip to other VTs without needing
to press Alt+F2.


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