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Re: kernel-smp rpm as a dependency?

On Fri, 30 Jan 2004 01:04:59 +0200 (EET)
Panu Matilainen [Panu] wrote:

Panu> > I want my install to work on both UP and SMP machines, so I don't
Panu> > think adding kernel-smp as a dependency to the e1000 rpm is the
Panu> > right thing to do.
Panu> > 
Panu> > Any way to do this?
Panu> You should have a separate e1000 rpm for kernel and kernel-smp packages, 
Panu> a module built for up kernel wont work anyway in smp kernel (and vice 
Panu> versa) and then add dependency for the relevant kernel.

I think stephen made a rpm with both modules, using postinstall
scripts to see wether kernel or kernel + kernel-smp were installed
and install his modules accordingly (this is how I do it).

It is much more easier to make a single rpm for all kernels and include
it in kickstart than trying to install a rpm for kernel, kernel-smp, 
kernel-bigmem and so on ... 
I don t feel comfortable adding kernel-module-xxx, kernel-module-smp-xxx, 
kernel-module-bigmem-xxx in my comps and install them 'just in case'.
Moreover, dependencies may force the installation of all kernels,
which is not what we want.

Not sure this is the right place to discuss about this but I wonder
how people used to do this.


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