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Re: kernel-smp rpm as a dependency?

If you can edit the RPM spec file, why not change the %post sections to

I use triggers in many RPMS and therefore I don't have to Require kernel
and/or kernel-smp.

In your case, you would have two %triggers sections:
%triggerin -- kernel
copy e1000.o to /lib/modules

%triggerin -- kernel-smp
copy other e1000.o to /lib/modules

The nice thing about triggers is that things can be installed out of
order.  For example, the above trigger will be called _EACH_ time you
install the kernel.  This means the e1000 driver will get copied to the
new /lib/modules if you write the trigger correctly.

Disclaimer: I've not tested this specifically with kernel and
kernel-smp.  Since kernel-smp provides kernel, I don't know which of the
above triggers would get called.

I used triggers for things like customized sendmail configs,
sshd_config, etc.  Even if sshd gets upgraded via RHN or Red Carpet, my
sshd_config gets put back in place  :)


On Thu, 2004-01-29 at 17:08, Stephen Malowany wrote:
> During a redhat 7.2 kickstart install, how does one ensure that both
> the kernel and kernel-smp rpms get installed prior to a given rpm?
> In my case, I am installing an e1000 rpm which has a dependency
> on kernel (but not kernel-smp), so I observe the following
> order of installation:
> kernel
> e1000
> kernel-smp
> If e1000 gets installed before kernel-smp, the driver doesn't get
> installed correctly into kernel-smp (because of the extra magic
> being done by the e1000 postinstall script).
> I want my install to work on both UP and SMP machines, so I don't
> think adding kernel-smp as a dependency to the e1000 rpm is the
> right thing to do.
> Any way to do this?
> Thanks,
> --Steve,
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