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Webserver - Redhat/base images not found

We setup a web server that serves RedHat Advanced Servers 3.0 and 4.0 for i386 and x86_64.
Basically, we copied the contents of CD's to their respective CDs.
Eg: redhat advanced server 3 on x86_64 to <dir>/redhat/AS3.0/x86_64/

As part of install process, we create kickstart on the fly and the client downloads the required files like vmlinuz, initrd product.img, updates.img and netstg2.img etc from the webserver.
Of late, we have been running into a weird problem wherein the path to the above, at time refers to disk1 and at other times refers to the right path in the webserver. Also,
although the file exists in a given directory, the server returns a HTTP 404 file not found error. I checked directory permissions on the directory, and they appear to be ok.

Please find an extract from our webserver log below:

2005/12/09 06:23:13 200 26261 /redhat/AS3.0/x86_64/ks.cfg HTTP/1.1
2005/12/09 06:23:14 200 158 /redhat/AS3.0/x86_64/isolinux/vmlinuz HTTP/1.1
2005/12/09 06:23:20 200 158 /redhat/AS3.0/x86_64/isolinux/initrd.img HTTP/1.1
2005/12/09 06:25:16 404 78 /redhat/AS3.0/x86_64/RedHat/base/updates.img HTTP/1.1
2005/12/09 06:25:17 404 78 /redhat/AS3.0/x86_64/disc1/RedHat/base/updates.img HTTP/1.1
2005/12/09 06:25:18 200 158 /redhat/AS3.0/x86_64/RedHat/base/product.img HTTP/1.1
2005/12/09 06:25:27 404 78 /redhat/AS3.0/x86_64/disc1/RedHat/base/product.img HTTP/1.1
2005/12/09 06:25:28 200 159 /redhat/AS3.0/x86_64/RedHat/base/netstg2.img HTTP/1.1
2005/12/09 06:26:36 404 78 /redhat/AS3.0/x86_64/disc1/RedHat/base/netstg2.img HTTP/1.1

The other interesting thing is that although I see a HTTP 404 for files like updates.img, the installer does not complain about it and proceeds.
However, when it fails to find netstg2.img, it pops up a window on the screen complaining that netstg2.img cannot be found in a given directory although the file exists there.

Do I need to run genhdlist or pkgorder once I copy the contents of the CD into the webserver's directory?
I thought genhdlist talks only about rpms and not about updates or netstg2.
Did anyone run into issues like the above? Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.


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