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RHEL4: cannot kickstart clients with Broadcom DCM5751 Gigabit

I have a serious problem with a RHEL4 KS installation.
My KS server works well because I can perform installation with no problems on various hardware plaforms. However the latest hardware platform I was delivered (ie Siemens Celsius R630) the installation fails. I am almost sure that the problem is with the NIC (Broadcom NetXtreme DCM 5751 Gigabit ), it looks like the NIC is somehow turned off (even if enabled in the BIOS) , or not working at the right speed and thus the DHCP server is not able to assign the IP. On the DHCP server nothing appears in the log file (as if there was no communication at all). I boot the client from a CD (made with the images available on the 1st CD of RHEL 4 distrib)....I also tried to make another CD including the driver from BROADCOM (bcm5700.ko instead of tg3.ho), but no success. If I disable the Broadcom NIC, and insert a second NIC the KS install works fine using this second NIC!!!!

I would be very happy of any advice that could help me in solving the problem, I have many of these PC to be installed, and I need disperatly a KS solution...
Thank you in advance.

Alexandre TOURNIER
System Administrator

Joint Research Centre
Institute for Environment and Sustainability
Global Vegetation Monitoring

TP 440
Via Fermi,1
I-21020 ISPRA (VA)

tel:    +x-332-785694
fax:    +x-332-789073
e-mail: alexandre tournier jrc it
web:    http://www-gvm.jrc.it/it_support/
FTP:    ftp://ftp-gvm.jrc.it

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