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Re: RHEL4: cannot kickstart clients with Broadcom DCM5751 Gigabit

On Tue, 2005-12-13 at 09:39 +0100, Alex TOURNIER wrote:
> I have a serious problem with a RHEL4 KS installation.
> My KS server works well because I can perform installation with no 
> problems on various hardware plaforms.
> However the latest hardware platform I was delivered (ie Siemens Celsius 
> R630) the installation fails.
> I am almost sure that the problem is with the NIC (Broadcom NetXtreme 
> DCM 5751 Gigabit ), it looks like the NIC is somehow turned off (even 
> if  enabled in the BIOS) , or not working at the right speed and thus 
> the DHCP server is not able to assign the IP. On the DHCP server nothing 
> appears in the log file (as if there was no communication at all). I 
> boot the client from a CD  (made  with the images available on the 1st 
> CD of RHEL 4 distrib)....I also tried to make another CD including the 
> driver from BROADCOM (bcm5700.ko instead of tg3.ho), but no success. If 
> I disable the Broadcom NIC, and insert a second NIC the KS install works 
> fine using this second NIC!!!!
> I would be very happy of any advice that could help me in solving the 
> problem, I have many of these PC to be installed, and I need disperatly 
> a  KS solution...
> Thank you in advance.


We have the HP XW4300 workstation which has BCM5752.  I don't know if
your issue is the same as ours, but only RHEL 3 U6 and RHEL 4 U2 work.
You don't mention which update of RHEL 4 you are kickstarting.  Is it
U2?  If not, please try U2 as it contains an updated tg3 driver for the
newest Broadcom chipsets.


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